What is Biobin?

Biobin is an on-site, capture and containment system used for organic material processing (starting the composting process) in an odour-free, easily accessible vessel.

The patented Biobin aeration system initiates a composting process of organic material, reducing bacteria and other pathogens.

The composting process also maximises the amount of organic material that can be collected by the Biobin.

Once collected, the processed or partially processed organic material can be added to products such as soil conditioners, compost and biofuels – providing a valuable supply of nutrients, carbon and organic matter to agricultural soils, landscape supplies and alternative fuels.

Why use Biobin?

Biobin :

Biobin can be used in many different situations and is a valuable asset to hotels, resorts, restaurants, food manufacturers and primary producers.

For remote and isolated areas, self-maintained systems are available that allow you to compost and empty your own bins. A fork lift is all you need to manage your organic/wet material efficiently and safely. Offgrid power options can be included such as solar or generators.

Who uses Biobin?

Biobin can be used in any situation where organic/wet material needs to be disposed of.

Which Biobin is right for my operation?

Three sizes of Biobin are available - 1.1m3, 4.5m3 and 9m3, with the option of resizing the smallest Biobin to a 2.2m3 capacity.

So what size will you need?
Talk to a Biobin engineer to determine the size that’s right for you. The amount of organic/wet material you produce on a monthly basis and the space available for Biobin onsite, will be taken into consideration to find the right fit for your business.

* 1.1m3 only available in limited sevice areas