Our range of services includes collection, treatment, recycling & disposal of regular and hazardous solid waste; handling, recycling & disposal of waste water; sewage treatment; planning & management of water supply to homes & industries as well as the production of valuable energy from waste.

Our vision is towards a Green, Clean and better Environment solutions and we partner with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.

We believe in the importance of sustaining the balance of nature and therefore are committed to being a complete solutions provider for environmental problems. We are dedicated to providing innovative waste management services to maintain a high standard of environmental care.

The Company has come up with non-conventional, advanced treatment technologies for waste water, effluent and sewage treatment and management and has developed various pilot models of these technologies. These pilot plants are operated to generate information about the design and development of larger facilities including their erection, commissioning and operation.

Our Services provide collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal services along with trading of Special purpose vehicle mounted equipment, Waste storage and cleaning equipment, waste water treatment solutions, Rain water harvesting solutions, Pioneering latest technologies in Design, Standardization and implementation of waste to energy or waste to recycle plants.

We have setup and installed plants in various municipalities and village panchayats and also cater to hotels,resorts,real estate developers and industries catering to them in the field of waste water,effluent and sewage treatment plants, bio gas,compost machines,garbage chutes, in vessel composting and other technologies and providing efficient consultancy and advice to implement the same.

We manage projects with utmost responsibility and accountability towards its esteemed clients.