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Organic waste converter inaugurated at Mapusa

Dated: 05 May 2013

Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza has said about 1,600 kg of wet garbage generated in the fish market and Morod area will be treated at the Organic Waste Converter in Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) market and the manure would by sold by MMC.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Organic Waste Converter on Friday, which has been installed at a cost of Rs 40 lakh. He added that a second converter of a similar capacity will be installed in the market sub-yard to treat the wet garbage of that area.

Stating that there has been a good demand for used plastic material, D’Souza said: “Some companies have shown interest in the purchase of used plastic material.” Besides, MMC is also planning to set up a plant which can generate waste plastic into diesel.”

MMC Chairperson Sudhir Kandolkar stated that MMC is committed to resolve the garbage problem in Mapusa.

“The Organic Waste Converter installed in the fish market is a first step in this direction. MMC proposes to install three such converters in Mapusa. The MMC has acquired 30,000 sq mtrs of land at Cuchelim to set up a garbage treatment plant. We have released a tender for the construction of a compound wall in this area,” informed Kandolkar.