Environmental Management and Plant Operation Services

Technology for a Healthy Environment :
Detritus Solutions carries out process design for pollution control facilities. Detritus Solutions process design staff is well conversant and experienced in the various environmental processes in water and waste-water treatment such as : primary physicochemical, secondary and tertiary treatment processes. Detritus Solutions approach consists of a thorough review of the baseline data and statutory compliance problem, client objectives and time frame as well as site-specific data integrated with available treatment options. The design aims at providing cost effective solution while achieving the objectives and hence includes techno – economic evaluation of options. As a result we have provided such environmental services to diverse type of industries (pharmaceutical, bulk drug, food, steel, paper, point, resins, fertilizers, pesticides, textile, dyes, intermediates, fine & heavy chemicals etc.) and for municipal sewage and water treatment. Detritus Solutions continually opts for newer technologies in the market.

Detritus Solutions also offers Commissioning and Operation services for water and wastewater treatment plants. These services may be offered as an expert guidance service or comprehensive handling including providing operating manpower. Operation services include commissioning and maintaining the treatment plant to work at its optimum capacity, continual monitoring and data logging which compare with the compliance requirements and identify any need for facility up-gradation. Detritus Solutions has developed specifically trained manpower and data logging programs for plant operation control. The operation division maintains a dialogue with the Detritus Solutions design and engineering group for solving specific problems.